(Transcribers For Bloggers)™ are blogger-led, blogger-assisted transcribers who assist bloggers in writing blogs on their blogging platform. We do it by transcribing recorded thoughts of our blogger clients and for that we ask our blogger clients to record in a few minutes of audio whatever random thoughts com to their mind about the subject or Key words that they want to write their blog on.

Once we receive the recorded thoughts of our clients, we then transcribe and present it in a well-formatted, spell-checked, grammar-checked and keyword-optimized way and if given the required permission we even do the blog posting for them.

The work that we do has proven very fruitful for our clients because instead of thinking in literary terms about how to write their blog and what verbiage to use, they just send us their recorded audio with their ramblings about the subject that they want to write on and in the process saving them a lot of time which they can invest in their business in a more productive way.

We also do viral marketing and viral blogging for our clients at a measely monthly rate and the service can be enhanced to more beneficial and a more viral one by just an upgrade.

Our clientele has grown from two blogger clients to more than 200 in a span of 24 months and it’s ever growing. In the very near future, we will add a testimonials page to our site to demonstrate that.

I hope your association with (Transcribers For Bloggers)™ will be a fruitful one and we are looking forward to servicing you in future.

Team (Transcribers For Bloggers)™

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