A Content Management System is just a web application that allows us to manage the content of the website or a blog.  In fact, WordPress was actually designed to create blogs but later on of course they changed the software and made it much more sophisticated so that now we can build a very nice and huge website using WordPress.

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The major advantage of a content management system is that of course no programming is required to build a website. So, you don’t have to know about PHP or C-Sharp and also no HTML knowledge is required but to know a little bit of HTML is always nice because if you want to do some editing, it’s good to know what these tags are and HTML is very straight forward.  Most of the HTML codes are available online, so you can search for any tag you want online.  Also you don’t have to learn about ASP.Net architecture or IIS or Apache knowledge is required.

The major advantage of using a content management system like WordPress is that it is basically an interactive system and using this interactive system you can build a fairly sophisticated website.  This is the main reason why people are so much attracted towards WordPress.

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