What are the hosting options for WordPress? The first choice you have is that you can go to WordPress.com and use a cloud system and here you can build a free website and you never have to pay anything to them, just as you have a free blog. However, there are certain limitations here if you use the WordPress.com.  You cannot create some custom themes and also you cannot install custom plug-ins and you are not allowed to access the database.

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The second option would be to get private hosting from GoDaddy, Blue Host, Yahoo, AT&T etc then install WordPress in your own account.  So, you download the latest copy of the WordPress software which is written in PHP and then install it and then create custom themes, plug-ins, you have full database access and everything.  Most of the time people use this option but suppose if you have created a website which has a lot of traffic, for example, suppose if you become as big as Amazon.com and you are getting millions of hits per day.  In that case, of course, you are not going to use hosting services like GoDaddy.  You will create your own server and install WordPress on it and of course you have to also get the T1 lines from your phone company because you are going to get a lot of traffic there.  Most of the time people use the hosting service and build websites over there.

The major advantage of using a content management system like WordPress is that it is basically an interactive system and using this interactive system you can build a fairly sophisticated website.  This is the main reason why people are so much attracted towards WordPress.

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