Let’s look into the number of themes that are available.  As I said before, the purpose of creating a theme is that you have a design for website.  A website is also a piece of art.  It has to look very pleasing to the eye.  The color, fonts and the layout should be very, very nicely designed so that it looks very attractive.  So, there are many, many themes available.  If you go to WordPress Themes Directory, you can look into thousands of themes which are available.  You can sort them out based on different criteria based on popularity, newest and premium and all different ways. It also depends upon what kind of a website you want to build.  If you want to build something for restaurant or for a business then there are hundreds of themes available.

WordPress Themes Directory

So, when we start building a website, most of the time we go to these places and select the theme that we want to use. However if you want to do some professional work for somebody, then of course these themes are not going to work because you have to create a custom theme and that is the place where people can make certain amount of money by designing different kind of websites.  So, for that of course you have to do a lot of work but at least if you want to see the themes which are available, all the themes are here at this particular themes directory.

The major advantage of using a content management system like WordPress is that it is basically an interactive system and using this interactive system you can build a fairly sophisticated website.  This is the main reason why people are so much attracted towards WordPress.

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