Are you struggling to reach your target audience?  Why Not TYPE YOUR PODCAST UP?!

Do you realize the number of potential listeners you are missing out on because of your inability to be found by search engines? Do you realize the reach your podcast could have by being available on multiple formats?

Spoken words typed out in written format is a potent multi-pronged marketing tool that and it’s one simple step that can make your content available on multiple channels which ultimately helps you keep in touch with your listeners and bring in new ones.

Search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing don’et yet have the ability to search audios or videos.  Search engine crawlers generally feed on text or typed out content and in large numbers.  So, if you are not converting your media content or your podcast episodes and making it available on various platforms for search engines to crawl, it becomes a little difficult for your listeners to find you.


There are a few ways podcast transcripts can be used to leverage podcast content.

  • Make it available for your listeners to download.
    There are people out there who prefer to read, rather than committing to downloading a half-hour headphone session. This also allows you to collect their email address to contact them with future updates, new episodes, and events.
  • Get more traffic by leveraging content you have already produced.
    Alternatively, you can upload the transcript directly to the episode page (or have it separately and add a link to the episode page). This turns your audio into something that’s friendly to search crawlers.
  • Find quotes to highlight points in your episode.
    Rather than skimming through to find the best key points in your podcast, have someone else type it up for you, so you can use CTRL + F to easily find your best, most brilliant moments.
  • Turn your audio content into a blog post, an article or even a BOOK!
    You can turn your words into just about anything, of course! Of course, you could type it yourself, but why bother with all of that? Why not save the tedious hours of listening and typing, and outsource the bulk of the work to an eager person who types 120+ words per minute?
  • Use them in brainstorming and ideas gathering sessions for future episodes.
    Nothing is worse than, “Oh, what was it we were talking about on that one episode?” You can have your latest episodes on paper to help you process your past endeavors and dive into new ones.

If you have any questions of comments, please feel free to leave them in the comments below and get in touch with me on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.  Make sure to check out my future blogs.  This is the first in the series of blogs about podcasting and how to attract your target podcast audience.