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‘How To Podcast’ Series – Blog 2 – Reaching Your Target Audience

Struggling reaching your target audience? Read on...

‘How To Podcast’ Series – Blog 1 – Setting Up Your Podcast

How to start a podcast from the very start to the very end, from recording the podcast, editing it and getting hosted online where it can be picked up by iTunes and Google Play as well as posted on SoundCloud.

Top 10 Must Have WordPress Plug-ins

1. Digg Digg - This is a plug-in for sharing content across your social media.  Digg Digg makes sharing easy because it floats with the content as a user scrolls the page.  Try it for free here. 2. WordPress SEO... Continue Reading →

Plug-ins And Their Use in WordPress Website Development

What is a plug-in?  In computing, a plug-in is a set of software components that add specific ability to a larger software application.  WordPress cannot do everything.  WordPress can do only a few things.  So, the things that WordPress cannot... Continue Reading →

Available WordPress Themes

Let’s look into the number of themes that are available.  As I said before, the purpose of creating a theme is that you have a design for website.  A website is also a piece of art.  It has to look... Continue Reading →

Hosting Options for Your WordPress Website

What are the hosting options for WordPress? The first choice you have is that you can go to and use a cloud system and here you can build a free website and you never have to pay anything to... Continue Reading →

What is WordPress CMS

WordPress actually is a platform for blogging.  When the first time WordPress was created, it was just a platform where people can write blogs.  WordPress was created in 2003 when a lot of people wanted to write blogs and then... Continue Reading →

What Is A Content Management System And What Are Its advantages?

A Content Management System is just a web application that allows us to manage the content of the website or a blog.  In fact, WordPress was actually designed to create blogs but later on of course they changed the software... Continue Reading →

Who are (Transcribers For Bloggers)™

(Transcribers For Bloggers)™ are blogger-led, blogger-assisted transcribers who assist bloggers in writing blogs on their blogging platform. We do it by transcribing recorded thoughts of our blogger clients and for that we ask our blogger clients to record in a... Continue Reading →

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