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Top 10 Must Have WordPress Plug-ins

1. Digg Digg - This is a plug-in for sharing content across your social media.  Digg Digg makes sharing easy because it floats with the content as a user scrolls the page.  Try it for free here. 2. WordPress SEO... Continue Reading →

Plug-ins And Their Use in WordPress Website Development

What is a plug-in?  In computing, a plug-in is a set of software components that add specific ability to a larger software application.  WordPress cannot do everything.  WordPress can do only a few things.  So, the things that WordPress cannot... Continue Reading →

Available WordPress Themes

Let’s look into the number of themes that are available.  As I said before, the purpose of creating a theme is that you have a design for website.  A website is also a piece of art.  It has to look... Continue Reading →

Hosting Options for Your WordPress Website

What are the hosting options for WordPress? The first choice you have is that you can go to and use a cloud system and here you can build a free website and you never have to pay anything to... Continue Reading →

What is WordPress CMS

WordPress actually is a platform for blogging.  When the first time WordPress was created, it was just a platform where people can write blogs.  WordPress was created in 2003 when a lot of people wanted to write blogs and then... Continue Reading →

What Is A Content Management System And What Are Its advantages?

A Content Management System is just a web application that allows us to manage the content of the website or a blog.  In fact, WordPress was actually designed to create blogs but later on of course they changed the software... Continue Reading →

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